Blueprints ★★★★

Blueprints sees a couple having to face up to their personal and political history in a fascinating new Afro-futurist play

Blueprints is the debut play by Ashlee Elizabeth-Lolo which offers the intriguing premise of a love story set in the near future where it’s possible to be tested through the “Blueprints programme” in order to find out your whole family history. It reveals not just biological information but also characteristics and psychological traits that could be passed down the bloodlines. 

Adam and Faith meet, fall in love and after a year together, with the prospect of settling down and having children, poet and writer Faith starts to question whether they will inherit their families’ medical conditions. In Adam’s case, the concern is his father’s Alzheimer’s and for Faith, it’s her mother’s arthritis. Although architect Adam is hesitant to the potential negative impact the results, Faith convinces him to take the test to put their minds at ease and discover what they might pass on to their children  

The test provides positive results for both of them health wise, but a whole can of worms is opened when they both learn about each other’s family history dating back generations and the accusations begin to fly…

Image by Alex Brenner

The relationship between Aisha Weise-Forbes as Faith and Martin O-Whyte as Adam feels natural and both performers work well together to create a realistic everyday couple within a futuristic world. Ashlee Elizabeth-Lolo’s dialogue is relatable which adds to the authenticity of the couple. The only part which seems to jar is an argument on their differing views on wealth and politics, which would have been something they would likely to have already discussed in their relationship and feels unrelated to their test results. However themes such cultural identity, nature verses nurture and family inheritance are explored in a way that is fresh and engaging.

A fascinating drama which keeps you guessing until the very end as to whether their relationship can survive the unarguable scientific facts or are their insecurities and doubt insurmountable? Blueprints has intrigue in its DNA and playwright Ashlee Elizabeth-Lolo gives you plenty food for thought with her debut full-length play.

★★★★ 4 stars

(This show was reviewed during London previews)

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Blueprints runs at Pleasance Courtyard – Beneath between 17th - 28th Aug

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