The Traitors US comes to the UK

The Traitors US series arrives on BBC to fill that Faithful – Traitor shaped hole left by the UK hit series.

British fans of The Traitors have been suffering withdrawal symptoms since Amanda, Kieran, Wilf (or Will or Wilfred), Aaron, Hannah, Meryl and the gang left our screens. How we missed those intense roundtable discussion? And the backstabbing plans up in Traitors’ tower. What could fill the void?

Today we have the answer: The Traitors US is coming to BBC!

Images by Peacock TV

The American series which drops on Peacock in the States today (12 January) is going to be interesting for British viewers.

The US series was filmed in the Scottish Highlands – at Ardross Castle, the same one as the UK run. As seen in the trailer, a lot of the challenges are going to be the same as the British show.

However, instead of Claudia Winkleman, The Traitors US has the lovely Alan Cumming as host. In an interview, Claude confessed that she was concerned that her outfits might be too Tweedy – “then I saw Alan Cumming’s wardrobe”. 

Another point of different with the US take on The Traitors is that half the contestants are former reality-TV stars and half are civilians which should make for an interesting dynamic (aka DRAMA!)

How To Watch The Traitors US in the UK

The BBC have acquired the rights to show The Traitors US and (somewhat confusingly) they’ll be giving three different ways of watching:

iPlayer: The entire series arrives on iPlayer tomorrow (13 January)

BBC Three: The show will run over three weeks on BBC Three – Ep 1 – 3 on Tues 24 Jan, Weds 25 Jan and Thurs 26 Jan; Episodes 4 – 7 on Mon 30 Jan, Tues 31 Jan, Weds 1 Feb and Thurs 2nd Feb and the final episodes 8 – 10 on Mon 6 Feb, Tues 7 Feb and Weds 8 Feb

BBC One: BBC One will run the series as double-bills on Wednesday nights at 10.40pm for 5 weeks from the 25 January.

Whether you are #TeamTraitor #TeamFaithful or #TeamAlanCumming, we hope you’ll enjoy our transatlantic Traitors cast!