Boris Live At Five ★★★

Boris Live At Five prompts the question can you still find humour in a politician like Boris Johnson?

For an individual so ridiculous he’s apparently beyond parody, Boris Johnson has been a rather ubiquitous figure this Fringe. More than a handful of shows feature the mop-topped, soon to be ex-Prime Minister, as either the star or supporting character. 

Arguably the most high profile of these, Boris Live at Five, sees Will Barton take on the titular role as host of his own chat show. Of course, this being the King of Incompetence, he’s forgotten to invite any actual guests. So, the audience are prompted to pose questions, and are even encouraged to step up to be part of the show. 

A mixture of scripted comedy and improvisation, Boris Live at Five bumbles along entertainly. Barton plays the role well and nails most of Johnson’s vocal inflections. The script by Johnny Maitland, however, takes relatively easy and predictable swipes. The SNP, Labour, his own swordsmanship, his lack of honesty and PartyGate are all here, and you’d probably have bet a fairly safe fiver beforehand on each one of them all being covered.

That’s not to say the show isn’t amusing, even if belly laughs are lacking. Indeed, anyone with a vague interest in current affairs, looking for an easy hour of comedy, wouldn’t be too upset to find themselves spending this time with Johnson. He is, as it turns out, very easy to laugh at. 

Non satis venter ridet as Boris might have said – ★★★ (3 stars from The Recs)

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Boris Live at Five plays at Gilded Balloon at the Museum Auditorium until 28 August

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