Alison Goldfrapp – Edinburgh Playhouse ★★★★

Alison Goldfrapp graces the Edinburgh International Festival to perform her debut solo album The Love Invention alongside some classic hits

Playing as part of the International Festival, Alison Goldfrapp certainly brought the disco to Edinburgh. Touring to support her dance-tastic first solo effort, The Love Invention, she clearly had one mission: to make us move. 

Looking every inch the diva in a black Alexandre Vauthier dress, blonde hair slicked back and striding in platform boots, the new album, unsurprisingly, formed the bulk of the set. In truth, it’s a little samey when played over one listen but with the bass turned up to 11 and the volume surely at the max allowed, it makes for an invigorating live experience. 

The smattering of Goldfrapp (the band) tracks (Number 1, Anymore, Ride a White Horse) were well chosen to slip beside the newer tracks. Certainly, hit-parade-untroubling single, Rocket, in a beefed-up version, has never sounded better. 

Her attempts at audience interaction were somewhat awkward but, thankfully, not too frequent. With just two musicians on stage and the vocals heavily-effected, it was sometimes difficult to gauge what was genuinely live and what was a backing track. And it’s somewhat questionable what the three undeniably talented dancers brought to proceedings. But when the uproarious We Are Glitter mix of the classic Strict Machine inevitably arrived there was no question of sitting still. 

A seasoned live performer of some decades now, Goldfrapp is clearly having a ball with this set. Where she goes next will be interesting. If she follows the pattern followed by her band, a more introspective, cinematic set could be in the offing. But, for now, Party Alison is very much in business. 

Four Stars (This Is The Real Thing) – ★★★★

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