Strictly 2022: Week 11 Results

Who is going through to the Strictly semi-finals?

It seems so odd to have a Strictly results show on a Saturday but on we go for a tricky-to-predict results show.

But first a musicals group number – Graz and Dolls Guys and Dolls. Fab-u-lous!

All images by BBC / Guy Levy

Helen and Gorka called first – The Recs doesn’t need to riot. So hard to see Molly ending up on the Bottom Two. She dances beautifully and we feel for her.

Anyhoo, onto the fantastic The Cher Show – touring to a theatre near you.

Motsi and Shirl looking amazing. Anton being edited before he waffled about three step too much. Craig admitting that he received a big enough boo to shake every sequin in the building for his nonsensical 9 for Helen’s 10-worthy Couples Choice. 

As much as we have loved Kym, that routine by Molly is a stunner. The Recs voted Molly. What a difficult choice for Twirly Shirley. 

Why did Kym Marsh go?

It has reached the stage of Strictly where it is sad to see anyone leave. All are pretty decent dancers and Kym’s Cha Cha to Fame was pretty decent.

What might have influenced her vote was missing last week through her positive Covid test. At this point in the competition, many viewers have a favourite who they will vote for week in, week out. With Kym not being around for a week, people get out of the habit.

And again, the tears…both in Elstree and in The Recs HQ

So its ta-ra and well done, chuck!