Minute Taker’s Song for Ukraine

The Manchester-based singer-songwriter releases brand new single, I Don’t Understand, to raise funds for the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

To be honest, any sentence that features the words “single” and “charity” usually makes us want to run for the hills.

Years of cringeworthy tracks released with the defence “but it’s for a good cause” have left us at the wrong end of the cynical spectrum.

Fortunately, I Don’t Understand by Minute Taker is a thoughtful, haunting synthpop meditation on the heartbreaking Russian invasion of Ukraine – and indeed man’s inhumanity to man. 

“I sit here helpless, eyes on screens

While hordes of broken families

Caught up in some ego war

Wonder if they’ll see the dawn”

The crux of I Don’t Understand is the struggle to understand what possible motivation belies such aggressive and violent behaviour.

Ben McGarvey, aka Minute Taker, told The Recs: “It really sums up my feelings about this war specially but also war in general… the needlessness of it. It questions how human beings can be so cruel, acting with so little compassion towards others.  It really baffles me.  I’ll never understand and really I don’t want to understand because perhaps that would mean I was capable of acting with that kind of heartless brutality”.   

I Don’t Understand centres upon that feeling of helplessness for us watching the horror of the situation unfolding on the news reports but not knowing what to do to be able to help.

Ben told us “I thought one thing I could do was write a song to raise some funds to support the families fleeing the invasion, and hopefully provide just a little light and comfort for people now in these dark times”. 

Impressively Minute Taker wrote, recorded and released this track in less than one week with 100% of the profits going to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal to support fleeing families.

So far, at the time of writing, it has raised over £1,700 for DEC’s Appeal.

Have a listen to the track.

If you’d like to help Minute Taker’s fundraising to support children and families fleeing Ukraine’s devastating conflict, please buy the Digital Single Pack from his online store.

It’s Pay-What-You-Can and the pack includes

  • I Don’t Understand (Song for Ukraine)
  • Lead You Home (Christopher Norman Remix)
  • EXCLUSIVE I Don’t Understand (Instrumental Mix)
  • EXCLUSIVE Digital booklet with artwork, lyrics & credits