Melanie C – ‘Into You’ reviewed

The Recs listens to the former Spice Girl’s latest solo single – glow sticks at the ready!

Melanie C releases, Into You, the fifth single from her current and eighth studio album. But will The Recs be into her new release?

Against the expectation, nay dread, of an onslaught of claustrophobic ballads penned by non-touring musicians following the Covid pandemic, in true Spice Girl modus operandi, Melanie C has been the complete opposite by releasing an infectious dance track.

Recorded during lockdown, Melanie was determined to write a forward-looking tune. She told Graham Norton on his radio show: “I don’t want to write a song inspired what we are going through. I want to look ahead. I want to be in Ibiza, on a beach, partying ’til dawn.”

Produced by duo Billen Ted, Into You anticipates a return to clubs with what the young people apparently call a “four to the floor” party anthem. An infectious infusion of pop, electronic music and disco, the tracks has hooks and rises aplenty to guarantee suitable dancefloor euphoria.

What is lovely to hear is the positivity in Melanie’s lyrics. “Now I know I’m enough / I’m better when I put me first / I’m ready to love / But I’m not feeling lonely / Cause I know I’m enough” continues her new music’s wider theme of growth and self-acceptance. 

Throwing off worries and getting lost in the music is certainly the message of the simple but effective promo video, directed by fashion stylist Graham Cruz. Evoking the electric atmosphere of a club, the video sees Melanie dancing through a series of moves and stylish outfits, glimpsed through coloured spotlights and neon washes. 

Melanie looks as if she had great fun filming the video, dancing with abandon. She told PaperMag: “We basically had a day of dressing up, posing and dancing about to one of my favorite tracks from my new album. What better way to get over the COVID blues.”

You can listen to Into You by Melanie C on Spotify

And watch the promotional video for Into You by Melanie C