Maree d’Ione Organic Fiano

We taste test an Italian Fiano – is it worth its pricey tag?

We put this Italian white wine under the first Taste Test by The Recs


The Recs RCD: it smells of grassy notes, like olive oil 

The Recs SCD: citrusy and quite pleasant 


RCD: citrusy taste. Overall very dry. Not fruity or floral or oaked

SCD thought there was a smooth thickness to it and detected a slight pineapple taste. Definitely dry. Certainly doesn’t taste cheap!


This Fiano is from Puglia, the heel of Italy.

MAREE D’IONE – Description

Pale yellow in colour. On the nose it is fragrant and floral, with hints of mango, garden sage, acacia and exotic fruit. The palate is refreshing and well balanced, with a crisp and clean acidity and an elegant and persistent finish.

The Recs: 

Yes, it certainly is “pale yellow in colour”. Looking at the bag inside the wine tube, it has a look of a urine sample after a night on the ale. 

We disagreed that it was either “fragrant” or “floral” but agreed that was no bad thing.  

“hints of mango, garden sage, acacia and exotic fruit” – we could taste mango and as long as pineapple is an exotic fruit, we didn’t disagree.

We agreed it was really “refreshing and well balanced”

At this point, an unexpected third and very feline judge interrupted out Taste Test. Her verdict – she liked the green string handle at the top of box tube, excellent for chewing on!