Bulldog: A Short Film

A British short film which confronts our assumptions about rough sleepers, The Recs is impressed by Bulldog

British short film, Bulldog, opens with Aaron, a rough sleeper, checking his few possessions after spending a night in a cell. His fingers tattooed, his fingernails dirty. 

He walks alone through the less salubrious streets of Manchester to a thunderous percussive soundtrack and the sound of the city. A man intent on one mission. When he steals a hammer from a store, our sense of impending threat intensifies. 

We see Aaron washing in a public bathroom then, as a lone figure, staring out over a blurred cityscape – both scenes are swathed in tones of chilly blue, underlining Aaron’s isolation. A deafening grungy syth soundscape reaches a peak and he is ready to act to settle a score.

Louis Brogan gives a magnetic performance – without any dialogue, he gives a nuanced, convincing, authentic representation of a homeless man experiencing overwhelming emotional stress.

Writer and director, Kieran Stringfellow, delivers an intense and engaging story over the space of six minutes which exploits our preconceptions of rough sleepers and wrongfoots our prejudices.

Bulldog offers strong visuals, super sharp editing, and an extraordinary sense of menace building up to an unexpectedly emotive ending. Compassionate and highly REC’D.

Bulldog is a Block B Film. You can watch it for free as part of the BFI Future Film Festival from 18 – 21st February – click here