Alex Hylton: Love, Probably ★★★★

Alex Hylton: Love, Probably sees the lone wolf comedian stand out from the crowd.

Its fair to say that Alex Hylton is a bloody nice bloke. And when a bloody nice bloke opens up about love and loss, and expresses this in the form of a stand-up romcom you have to give credit where credit is due. Although unreasonably self-deprecating when it comes to his appearance and dulcet tones, this comedian is anything but lacking in confidence and delivers a commendably funny show at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, despite being dealt an early evening slot at a venue hidden down an alley behind the bins.

What the venue lacked in atmosphere was made up by Hylton’s abundance of energy as he took us on a hilarious but also humbling account of the best and worst year of his life, all whilst proudly sipping on an effervescent Berocca… that’s funny in itself! This is a man whose parents got him a job interview for his birthday (they just don’t make supportive parents like they used to), so we feel compelled to join this valiant guy’s fight to succeed and let his ‘all too close to home’ and often graphic jokes be laughed at.

Photo by Paul Banks

Alex is a self-confessed lone wolf, and he quite rightly points out that there are never good-news stories about lone wolfs, especially those who also love to be naked. Yes that’s right, halfway through the evening’s proceedings we learn that this seemingly ordinary Joe is more than partial to a bit of nakedness (all within the rules of the law of course). Well Alex, we see a gap in the market and idea for next year’s show…. Alex Hylton: Naked, Definitely! It’s a guaranteed sell-out, you’re welcome!

So if you’re looking to support one of the country’s up and coming comedians as he pursues his dream of being a regular on a BBC comedy show, look no further than this diamond in the rough (part of town).

Alex Hylton: Love, Probably. Really really great, actually – ★★★★ (4 stars) and that’s the naked truth

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Alex Hylton: Love, Probably runs at Just the Tonic at The Mash House Just the Snifter Room until 28 August

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